UK Powerball

The UK Powerball lottery is a twice weekly lottery exclusive to the United Kingdom, with a fantastic twice weekly jackpot of over £4 million. You are able to play UK Powerball from the comfort of your own home through either a computer or smartphone.

It’s easy to get involved in UK Powerball and the cost of your entry ticket is just £1.50 per line! If you match the Powerball and six winning numbers between 1-50 you will win the seven-figure jackpot!

The winning numbers are selected at 9:59pm GMT on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which sets you up for a day you will never forget if you are lucky enough to win one of the top prizes! Just think of the moment you find out you have won big; would you share the moment with your friends and family or take the moment for yourself and splash out on that new car you have been dreaming of for months?

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Saturday 22 June 2024
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How it Works

Playing UK Powerball is quick and easy


Select Your Numbers


Pay for your Entries


Check your Numbers


Check your Numbers

Check out the winning Powerball and six winning numbers to see if you have matched enough numbers to win an amazing prize. Even if you just match the Powerball you automatically win yourself a free entry into the next draw!

The Automatic Number Checker gives you a simple way to see if you have won after the draw has taken place. Enter your numbers now to find out if you have a winning combination!

Number Generator

Number Generator

Use the Number Generator to make your very own selection for the next UK Powerball lottery draw. Choose your own numbers or select a Quick Pick to let the generator choose a random set specially for you.

Number Checker

Can I play Powerball in the UK?

You absolutely can! The UK Powerball draw is the newest lottery in the UK that is exclusively played online. You play Powerball buy choosing your numbers online and your tickets are stored for you to view anytime and winnings are paid directly to you straight away, meaning no lost tickets and no lost winnings! Find out more on the How to Play link below.

How to Play