The UK Powerball Lottery offers an amazing range of prizes if you are able to match the correct winning numbers. If your Powerball and six main numbers are the same as the winning set, you will win the £4.2 million jackpot!

You can also win other great pay-outs even if you are not lucky enough to match all the numbers that are drawn. Prizes start from a free entry into the next draw for matching the Powerball and increase in value as you match two or more of the main numbers. This table explains the different ways in which you can win and the odds for each category.

UK Powerball Lottery Prizes
Prize Level Cash Prize Odds of Winning
Match 6 + Powerball

Powerball + 6 Numbers

£4.2 million (Jackpot) 1 in 79,453,500
Match 5 + Powerball

Powerball + 5 Numbers

£8,888 1 in 300,960
Match 4 + Powerball

Powerball + 4 Numbers

£88 1 in 5,599
Match 3 + Powerball

Powerball + 3 Numbers

£4.50 1 in 299
Match 2 + Powerball

Powerball + 2 Numbers

£2 1 in 39
Match 2 + Powerball

Powerball Only

Free Entry into next draw 1 in 5

If there are multiple winners of the Jackpot prize, it will be split between all the winners who have matched the winning combination of numbers. All of the other prizes in the UK Powerball Lottery are fixed amounts; you will receive the advertised prize if you win regardless of how many other people win.

All prizes apart from the jackpot will be paid straight into your online account. If you are lucky enough to win the top prize of the £4.2 million jackpot, you will be contacted by the customer team and guided through the verification process to make sure the money goes straight into your bank account.

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